The Wire!

For my eighth birthday I wanted to have some fun, so I asked my dad to take me to do the Wire, a 700metre long, 70metre high zip wire across the deep national diving centres quarry.

Why did I want to dangle in the air, held only by a few ropes? Fly across a quarry so deep that it’s used as a diving centre? Why not!!

It is known as one of the longest, tallest and fastest zip slides in the UK. It reaches speeds of up to 40 miles an hour.

To get to the start of the ride I had to walk around the quarry that I was about to zoom over. That certainly got me excited. It made me realise just how far I was going to slide.

At the top of the quarry, on the edge of the cliff, was a high platform with a ramp that I had to walk up. I had to then climb up a small stop ladder. From there the only way is down. And over the water. Very fast.

I lined up with my dad. We were both strapped in and really excited. We went together.

I jumped off the platform with my dad and then whoosh. The feeling was incredible. I was flying through the air. After a few seconds of sheer terror, it felt peaceful being high above the water. I loved zooming on the zip wire.

Doing something like this makes you understand that fear is only a feeling. It doesn’t mean you can’t do something. We laughed, we screamed and we all survived. It was awesome!

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