Malta Diving

During my Autumn half term, I jumped on a plane and headed off to Malta for some sun and good vis on the dives.

I landed in torrential rain, following an hours delay in the air, but eventually I was down. In Malta my dad use’s Maltaqua for support and logistics as you cant beat the experience and helpfulness of the team led by Mike & Agnes Upton.  Agnes met us at the airport and we had a lovely trip to our hotel, lots of chatting and catching up.  Continue reading

Advanced Open Water

Today was day 1 of my Advanced Open Water, in Malta. Great support from #Maltaqua and their instructor Cheri and my Dad #DiveServices. We’ve two others with us so its going very well. Three dives completed in 22 degrees – lovely. Dive 1 was a shake down, dive 2 was Buoyancy including my first swim through which was awesome and Dive 3 was my deep dive and the one where my mask crushed my face, thankfully back at 5mtr and I didn’t panic at all. New mask bought ready for tomorrow – Great stuff.