Rock Climbing Funtimes

Today I went down to my local quarry to do some Rock climbing with my Dad and Laura.

When we got there I helped my dad setup up the ropes and we rigged an abseil on the main wall, and a bottom rope on another route.

I abseiled first, i always feel a bit nervous when I start abseiling, but soon got into it and enjoyed it. My dad then followed me down to the quarry floor.

Then dad belayed me on a route where I got most of the way up before it was too steep to finish the last bit. I was lowered down to the ground.

I then belayed laura as she had a go.

Then dad belayed me for a second route that I got up.

It was a fun and exciting evening. Laura brought homemade brownies which we enjoyed.

Finally I helped dad cool the ropes before we headed home.

My BBC Radio Wales Interview

My interview for BBC Radio Wales went out today across the country. Feel free to have listen to it here;

BBC Radio Wales Interview Joshua

Jason Phelps from BBC Interviewing Joshua at Climbing club

Jason Phelps from BBC Interviewing Joshua at Climbing club

This week the media has really got a hold of my adventures and are very keen to help me publicise them. As a result, not only have I been in several local papers and on their websites, but a national newspaper ran with the story of my three peaks challenge as well.

To top it all off though, Jason Phelps from the Jason Mohammad BBC Radio Wales show came out to my climbing club at Dynamic Rock today and interviewed me, as well as taking some pictures and I really enjoyed it.

Its been a really busy day what with having to do my school work, then grabbing a McDonalds on the way to climbing club, then being interviewed and having to think about good things to say (I’m much better at writing stuff or filming stuff with my dad). Then I went home, had to respond to some daily emails and I made two short videos for some of my supporters and sponsors, then I watched some Minecraft on Youtube and then went to bed exhausted, leaving my dad to publish my videos and this blog.

Thanks so much everyone, I really enjoy what I’m doing and I will keep doing my best for you my fans and supporters.



Indoor Climbing

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After a quiet morning chilling and playing Snow Party on my tablet, dad and I went to Boulders indoor climbing centre in Cardiff. We signed in and then did some climbing.

I warmed up on their great bouldering wall, topping out a new route for me, and then climbing down a ladder back to the floor level.

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Box Bay Climbing – 2012

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Joshua loves Box Bay near Porthcawl. A tidal bay with some lovely short climbs in it. It is here that Joshua shot the pictures for his Climbing book. This was Joshua’s second visit to this location. His first visit was an abseil and climbing day with Coedpenmaen Baptist youth group.