Stepping the Mast

Toady we stepped the mast. That basically means we put the mast up. Gramps, Uncle Mike and Dad all came down to help along with my nephew baby Noah (5 months). Noah was mainly interested in sleeping, so he went in the cabin and slept whilst we changed all the cables on the mast, replacing the shrouds and stays with new ones and upgrading the jib from a piston hanks to Roller reefing system.

Once this was done, we stepped the mast. Uncle Mike and Gramps raised the mast and Dad attached all the stays and shrouds to the boat. Dads friend Steve came to help us and showed us how to tighten the wires so that the mast was held securely upright.

When we had finished it looked awesome! It now looks like a real boat so I’m very happy now.

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