Rock Climbing Funtimes

Today I went down to my local quarry to do some Rock climbing with my Dad and Laura.

When we got there I helped my dad setup up the ropes and we rigged an abseil on the main wall, and a bottom rope on another route.

I abseiled first, i always feel a bit nervous when I start abseiling, but soon got into it and enjoyed it. My dad then followed me down to the quarry floor.

Then dad belayed me on a route where I got most of the way up before it was too steep to finish the last bit. I was lowered down to the ground.

I then belayed laura as she had a go.

Then dad belayed me for a second route that I got up.

It was a fun and exciting evening. Laura brought homemade brownies which we enjoyed.

Finally I helped dad cool the ropes before we headed home.

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