Snorkeling with Sharks!

I told my dad that i wanted to go and swim with Sharks. I can imagine that every parent would have a momentary panic as I’m only 10yrs old! As such,dad decided to find a safe solution to answer my request. If I’m honest, I’m not a huge fan of sticking wild animals into aquariums, however am a huge fan of conservation. So dad got in touch with his mate Mike at Blackpool Sealife center.

Mike is an avid diver and head Aquarist (as Sealife call them) and in charge of the dive team there. They run Snorkel experiences with the Sharks and other fish in their huge indoor aquarium where they breed endangered species. As such, we headed up to Blackpool and spent a fantastic 90minutes with the Sharks, Rays, Groupers and other fishes admiring them and finding out all about them. I got into a net enclosure inside the huge aquarium with 20 sharks, ranging from black tip reef sharks, Bowmouth Sharks, Shovelnose Sharks, Guitar Sharks and a Bamboo shark.

Because I enjoyed this so much, next year we plan to head out to somewhere warmer and meet these amazing creatures in the wild where they live.I found it so amazing, that I’ve made this Vlog about it !!

Maybe one day I’ll end up a champion for sharks, who knows.

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