First Boat Dive & First Wreck Dive

Today I went diving again. This was my 13th and 14th dive.
We went out on a friends rib bot into the Gower area. The first stop was off Port Eynon head. I don’t normally like boats, but this one was a good one and I enjoyed it a lot. Our three friends dived together initially and they had a good time. The water was so clear, we could see the divers at the bottom. When they came up, we went in. I sat on the rubber tubes on the side of the boat and I rolled off into the water. It was great fun. We swam around. I saw a lots of starfish, spider crabs and hermit crabs. One hermit crab fell out of his shell. He then quickly got himself back into it. That was good. We swam along and then ascended. Back at the surface, I held onto the side of the rib, took off my buoyancy jacket with my cylinder attached and then bounced myself into the boat.

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We then sped off around the Worms head in Rhossilli where I jumped into the water and swam around with some seals. They didn’t come too close to us as they were a little bit scared, but they were swimming under us and around us. That was amazing!

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We then had some lunch before I did my first wreck dive on the City of Bristol old paddle steamer off Rhossilli beach. This was a great little dive. Again I rolled off the rib, then I descended a shot line that was attached to the wreck. It was an old paddle steamer. I saw one of the wheels that used to paddle it along. I also saw two Conger eels, one was small, the other was massive, its head was about a foot round and its body was about two meters long. It was a big one. I saw lots of other crabs, prawn and other shell fish. It was really good.

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