Snowboarding Scotland

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I’ve been away in Scotland for my half term off school. The plan was to spend a few days boarding and also to do some mountain climbing.

The first day we arrived at the Nevis Range ski resort in Fort William, Scotland, I went up in the Gondola to high on the mountain. It was my first tim on a gondola and I enjoyed it although found it a bit daunting.

At the top, there were hundreds of people making the most of the good weather. It was freezing, but the sun was out and so it attracted a lot of people.

My dad and I went on the slopes, I went snowboarding and dad skied. It was awesome. All the lessons I had over the last two months paid off. I boarded down a blue run without to much problems and by the end of two hours I had really enjoyed myself and achieved a load of awesome runs down the slopes. We then joined my aunt and cousins for a hot chocolate and some snacks.

After this first session on the snow, I decided to go and play in the snow with my cousin Eve. We sledged down a wooden ramp and onto the slopes – that was epic!

Eventually, we had to queue for the gondola and begin the descent down the mountain as it was getting dark. Back at our cottage, we lit a fire and chilled out.

The following day I went back up onto the slopes and had a good practice again before having a lesson with Dave, my instructor for the afternoon. That was really good and he helped me learn to slide across the slopes.

After my lesson, I got to practice it all with dad for a couple of hours and really enjoyed it. By the end of the day I could board comfortably down a blue run, criss crossing and turning as I went. That was well worth it.

We enjoyed some more hard core snow play and dug some snow holes and tunnels.

I’ve caught the snowboard bug, despite both my parents not liking boarding, I am actually good at it and would like to get better. I hope you enjoy my photos.

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