Sprayway Sponsor Joshua


Today I was really excited and happy to get a sponsorship deal with Sprayway. Sprayway are one of the best manufacturers of top quality outdoor clothing and equipment.

They have offered to kit me out with the clothing I need for my challenge up the national three peaks starting very soon in winter conditions. Having looked at their website and kit, I was really pleased to see that they have the exact kit that I require, down jackets, insulated trousers and layers of jackets to keep me warm and dry.

I was also excited at the choice of bobble hats that they have on offer as they look really cool, but they are also really practical and warm. I’m looking forward to getting the kit and putting it to the test on my challenge.

Please support Sprayway as they support me. Once I get the kit, I’ll make a film of me opening the kit and try it on to show you – hopefully you’ll like it as well.

Until next time,

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