Snowdome & Christmas Decorations!

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To celebrate the launch of my new book, I visited the Tamworth Snowdome. What a brilliant place. My cousin and dad came with me and we had an awesome time.

As well as being a brilliant indoor skiing and snowboard centre, it is a fantastic place to play in the snow and do sledging snowball fights and basically have loads of great fun. I went up just for fun and to do a small PR book launch. The book launch was simple, a couple of pictures with my new book and a quick signing of a few books for the cameras. After that was done, it was fun time.

There is a winter wonderland there at the moment, so thats what I did. It started with a play, sledge and slide time on real snow, under sparkling lights in an enchanted forest of real christmas trees!

I also slid down a huge snow slope on inflatable rings, which was awesome.

Then I went to see a show with Father Christmas, Mother Christmas and much more – which was really good. My cousin Joel had to sit on Santa’s lap and Santa said that he was on the naughty boy list lol!.

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After this we visited Santa’s animals and I got to play with some reindeers and other animals – it was great.

It was a fab day. Then we went to christmas tree farm, which was amazing. They said there were over 250,000 trees planted there, it was nuts. I chose a tree that I wanted for my house and then they cut it down for me. I helped put it into a net and then put it in the car. Whilst here, I looked at more animals and reindeers and then I met Santa! He gave me a present which was a tub of slime!

After all this we went home and decorated the tree and our house. It was lovely. All ready for an exciting December and a great Christmas.

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