Indoor Climbing

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After a quiet morning chilling and playing Snow Party on my tablet, dad and I went to Boulders indoor climbing centre in Cardiff. We signed in and then did some climbing.

I warmed up on their great bouldering wall, topping out a new route for me, and then climbing down a ladder back to the floor level.

After that I did about twelve different routes on a bottom rope that dad belayed me on. That was great fun and I managed to do progressively harder ones. Inside routes here are graded from grade 1 so I managed to climb by the end of the session a 4+ using the self belay device that lowers me automatically to the floor if and when I fall off. That was fun jumping off at the top.

I also put into practice my knot tying skills and was chuffed that I could do them without any problems.

After a few hours of fun, we headed off for some lunch. A lovely time climbing.

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