River Wye Day 5

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I woke early today, the plan was to paddle the last section from Hoarwithy to Ross on Wye. We got up and it was still raining. I’m not a fair weather paddler, but I don’t necessarily enjoy getting wet for the sake of it either.

I had a wander around the campsite taking pictures of the various collection of tents and boats and the river. We then had some breakfast and packed up camp.

We loaded all the kit into the van and then launched onto the river. It was horrid. We paddled for about a mile along a serene stretch of the river, which was blurred from view as the rain pelted down onto us. We came to a demolished railway bridge where the only bits left were the parapets. We got out of the river at a village called How Caple and decided we would portage this section and re-join the river further down. The aim was to avoid getting wet and cold at this stage of the day.

So we got the van loaded and headed off. After only ten minutes of driving we were just past Backney common where we relaunched for the final stretch of the river into Ross-on-wye. This last three miles was simple and the rain had stopped. Although it was really busy this morning with many groups on the water.

We paddled past the rowing club, past a jetty at the Hope and Anchor pub and pulled out on the right of the river at the White Lion hotel. There were people camping alongside the river here so we pulled up and climbed out near them. We got all the kit out and loaded up the van before heading down the road home.

Both dad and I were really tired so we sorted out the kit, cleaned it and washed it and then cuddled up to watch a film on the sofa as we both dozed.

This has been a long and fun weekend, but very tiring. Just one more stretch of river to do and we have the adventure completed.

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