Product Review…

I was recently sent a fanny pack from VGO outdoors to review.

This Easter weekend I’ve taken it out into the Black Mountain in Wales and put it through it’s paces. This is what I thought of it.

While I was out in the Black Mountain on a walk I carried a waterproof coat, gloves, hat and a bottle of water. This bag is really comfortable as well as a nice lightweight bag. I think that the water bottle pouch on the side of the bag should be a bit bigger, because before my walk a had a bit of trouble fitting my water bottle in the pouch.

Apart from the water bottle pouch being a bit small, I think this is a good size for a nice day out. Overall I think this bag is a fantastic bag to use for a nice walk or day out.

If you want to buy one for yourself then here’s the link;…/wait-bag-for-daily-hiking…

Rock Climbing Funtimes

Today I went down to my local quarry to do some Rock climbing with my Dad and Laura.

When we got there I helped my dad setup up the ropes and we rigged an abseil on the main wall, and a bottom rope on another route.

I abseiled first, i always feel a bit nervous when I start abseiling, but soon got into it and enjoyed it. My dad then followed me down to the quarry floor.

Then dad belayed me on a route where I got most of the way up before it was too steep to finish the last bit. I was lowered down to the ground.

I then belayed laura as she had a go.

Then dad belayed me for a second route that I got up.

It was a fun and exciting evening. Laura brought homemade brownies which we enjoyed.

Finally I helped dad cool the ropes before we headed home.

Covid19 Lockdown Training

It’d been a while since I was on here. Due to the Covid19 I’m homeschooling just now, but I try to get out and about as often as I can.

Recently I’ve been working on my new book. It’s a journal based on my recent trip to Egypt where I dived and did some marine life identification and research techniques. It’s an exciting project but has taken a while to put together.

I’ve also been hiking over the hills behind my house and developing my mountain walking skills.

Please stay safe and hopefully I’ll catch up with you all sooner rather later.

Malta Diving

During my Autumn half term, I jumped on a plane and headed off to Malta for some sun and good vis on the dives.

I landed in torrential rain, following an hours delay in the air, but eventually I was down. In Malta my dad use’s Maltaqua for support and logistics as you cant beat the experience and helpfulness of the team led by Mike & Agnes Upton.  Agnes met us at the airport and we had a lovely trip to our hotel, lots of chatting and catching up.  Continue reading

Advanced Open Water

Today was day 1 of my Advanced Open Water, in Malta. Great support from #Maltaqua and their instructor Cheri and my Dad #DiveServices. We’ve two others with us so its going very well. Three dives completed in 22 degrees – lovely. Dive 1 was a shake down, dive 2 was Buoyancy including my first swim through which was awesome and Dive 3 was my deep dive and the one where my mask crushed my face, thankfully back at 5mtr and I didn’t panic at all. New mask bought ready for tomorrow – Great stuff.

Snorkeling with Sharks!

I told my dad that i wanted to go and swim with Sharks. I can imagine that every parent would have a momentary panic as I’m only 10yrs old! As such,dad decided to find a safe solution to answer my request. If I’m honest, I’m not a huge fan of sticking wild animals into aquariums, however am a huge fan of conservation. So dad got in touch with his mate Mike at Blackpool Sealife center.

Mike is an avid diver and head Aquarist (as Sealife call them) and in charge of the dive team there. They run Snorkel experiences with the Sharks and other fish in their huge indoor aquarium where they breed endangered species. As such, we headed up to Blackpool and spent a fantastic 90minutes with the Sharks, Rays, Groupers and other fishes admiring them and finding out all about them. I got into a net enclosure inside the huge aquarium with 20 sharks, ranging from black tip reef sharks, Bowmouth Sharks, Shovelnose Sharks, Guitar Sharks and a Bamboo shark.

Because I enjoyed this so much, next year we plan to head out to somewhere warmer and meet these amazing creatures in the wild where they live.I found it so amazing, that I’ve made this Vlog about it !!

Maybe one day I’ll end up a champion for sharks, who knows.